Professional Services

We have more than a decade of experience in Innovation, Research and Development.

Start the Digitalization Journey

Discover how digitalization can overcome operational challenges, increase efficiency and boost productivity:

Assessment of the Operating Enironment

Identify areas for improvement in your processes.

CLear and Measurable Objectives

Set specific goals for digitization.

Introduce Digital Transformation to the Team

Communicate the benefits and offer support to the team.

Gradual Implementation

Start gradually, adjusting as necessary.

Knowledge Gap

The mismatch between the knowledge necessary to correctly maintain increasingly complex equipment and the skill of the field workforce negatively affects the quality of the service provided.

Wrong Diagnosis

Poor diagnosis leads to wasted time and wasted resources.

Multiple Visits

Need for multiple visits for maintenance to be carried out correctly.

Asset Downtime

Increased asset downtime due to delays in maintenance.

Margin Reduction

Reduction in profit margin and even fines for lack of effective maintenance.

Augmented Reality, Extended Reality and Metaverse.
Implementation of complete solutions.

Proofs of Concept and Pilots

We help with the execution of proofs of concept and Augmented Reality pilots to evaluate hypotheses and measure return on investment.

Technical Visits

During the technical visit, we assessed the conditions of the existing infrastructure and operations in preparation for implementing an innovative solution.

Customization and Integration

We offer the option to customize our Augmented Reality solutions, as well as integrate with existing systems.

Training and Technical Support

We train your team and offer support during the implementation of the innovation.