Connected Fieldwork

Work orders and step-by-step instructions.
Remote expert: real-time communication via audio and video.

Share how-to videos, manuals, diagrams.
Integration with legacy systems.

Folder Field Service

Correct Diagnosis

Assertiveness in diagnosis. Saving time and resources.

Single Visit

Maintenance carried out correctly in a single visit.


Increased asset availability time due to maintenance efficiency.

Better Margins

Increased profit margin, reduced fines due to greater maintenance effectiveness.

Knowledge Gap

The mismatch between the knowledge necessary to correctly maintain increasingly complex equipment and the skill of the field workforce negatively affects the quality of the service provided.

Wrong Diagnosis

Poor diagnosis leads to wasted time and wasted resources.

Multiple Visits

Need for multiple visits for maintenance to be carried out correctly.

Asset Downtime

Increased asset downtime due to delays in maintenance.

Lower Profits

Reduction in profit margin and even fines for lack of effective maintenance.

Operations Management

Unlock the efficiency of your operation right now!
Easier Operations Management.

Greater transparency in task assignments.
Simplified tracking of individual and collective progress.
Quickly identify areas that need support.

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Task Centralization

Greater visibility and control over daily operations, simplifying management.

Clear Responsibility

Clear view of the responsibilities of each team member, simplifying management and promoting better distribution of tasks.

Deadline Definition

Specific deadlines for carrying out each task, providing more efficient time management and more precise scheduling of activities.


Simplify information sharing and collaboration between office and field staff.

Inspection Digitalization

The inspection application can be used even without a connection..
The user follows a checklist and for each item in the checklist, takes photos and records audio.

The information is sent to the cloud to transcribe the audio.
Images and transcription are placed in a report template and sent via email.

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Inspection checklists to reduce errors.

Audio and Photo Evidence

For each question in the checklist, evidence is collected through photos and audio.

Transcription to Text

The audio is sent to the cloud and automatically transcribed into text.

Report Generation

Report is generated using images and text transcription of audios and sent by email.

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Picking by Vision and Voice

System for Augmented Reality glasses offers verification, eliminating redundancy and checking.

Information about the product to be selected on the screen.
Voice command, with easy training.

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Increased assertiveness in product selection.

Reduction of Returns

Reduction in transportation costs, storage due to returns.

Training Reduction

Reduction in training time due to ease of operation.

Increased Efficiency

Increase in the number of orders selected per employee.

Digital Twin

3D augmented reality allows interaction with the digital twin of physical facilities and is the natural interface to support Industry 4.0 functionalities

Gêmeo digital associa informação digital a ativos físicos