Field Service and Operations Management

Efficient operations management:
workdlows, inspections, service orders, documentation.

Easy access to all information
necessary for the operation.

Improve collaboration between field service and office.

Our connectionless first apps
suport mobile devices and smartglasses.

Operations Management

Unlock operations efficiency right now!

Easy of operations management.

Quickly identify areas that need help.

Increase transparancy in task delegation.

Easy follow-up, both individually and as a group.

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Task Centralization

Increase visibility and control of daly operation, simplifiying management.


Clear visibility of responsability of each member of the team, simplifiyng management and improving task distribution.


Deadline for each taks, allowing a more efficient time managements and more detailed planning of tasks.


Simplify information sharing and collaboration between office and field ique o compartilhamento de informações e a colaboração entre o escritório e a equipe de campo.

Remote Expert

Teams involved in field work use Augmented Reality glasses that display work orders and step-by-step instructions, as well as allowing audio and video connection, in real time, with a remote expert.

Virtual Reality

In Virtual Reality, the content displayed is completely synthetic and immersive, disconnecting the user from the real world.

Augmented Reality

In Augmented Reality, the content displayed by the computer is added to the real world, maintaining the user's connection with the real environment.

Assisted Reality

In Assisted Reality, the content displayed by the computer is related to the real world, without giving a feeling of immersion.

Digitalization of Inspection

The inspection application can be used even without a connection.

The user follows a check list and for each item in the script, takes photos and records audio..

The information is sent to the cloud to transcribe the audio.

Images and transcribed text are placed in a report template and sent via email.

telas de aplicativo de inspeção para smartphone

Inspection Checklist

Inspection Check list reduce errors.

Audio and Photo evidency

For each question in the check list, evidence is collected through photos and audio.

Transcription to Text

The audio is sent to the cloud and automatically transcribed into text.

Report Generation

Report is generated using images and text transcription of audios and sent by email.


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