Augmented Field Services

Real-time, audio and video communication with a remote expert.
Share diagrams, manuals, instructional videos.

Integration with legacy systems.
Display work orders and step-by-step instructions.

Connected work force

Field service personnel wears smartglasses that display work orders, step-by-step instructions and allow live audio and video connection with a remote expert at the touch of a button.

Full 3D augmented reality allows interaction with the digital twin of physical installations and is the natural interface to support the functionality of Industry 4.0.

Knowledge Gap

The knowledge gap created by the ever increasing skills necessary to maintain complex equipment and the ability of the field service workforce, negatively impacts the quality of maintenance service provided.

Asset Downtime

Increase in asset downtime is a consequence of ineffective maintenance and may reduce margins and lead to fines.


Misdiagnoses of real issue leads to waste of time and resources and may require multiple visits to perform proper maintenance.

Professional Services

We have more than a decade of expertise in Augmented Reality.
The following professional services are available to help with deployment of full AR solutions:

Proof of Concepts and Pilots

We help you run proof of concepts and pilots to evaluate hipotheses and measure the return on investment.

Technical Visits

During a technical visit we assess the current infraestuture and operation in preparation to deploy our solution.

Customization and integration

We can customize our solution as well as integrate with legacy systems.

Training and Technical Support

We will train your team as well as support them during operation.



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